Building a responsible future

Environmentally friendly passenger transport in the mountains:

The lifts are the underground railway of the mountains: like the underground in big cities, the lifts transport many people with minimal impact on nature, thus avoiding the use of cars and other polluting vehicles. Electricity consumption is relatively low. It must also be said that electricity consumption in the Alpine region is covered entirely by the hydroelectric power plants' own production, i.e. by absolutely clean energy.

In addition, in recent years in particular, care has been taken to build in an environmentally friendly way: for example, by using aluminium cabins instead of fibreglass constructions, the use of galvanised metal constructions for the supports and station constructions instead of painted metal parts, which have to be treated and repainted again and again. Even the suspension ropes have recently been supplied galvanised to avoid having to use unnecessary lubricants.


Ski slopes in winter, well-tended mountain meadows in summer:

First and foremost, thanks go to the mountain farmers, who work hard and with great effort to maintain a large part of the ski slopes in summer and sometimes even mow them twice.

Beautiful, clean mountain meadows without stones or other obstacles are the most important basis for perfect and well-prepared ski pistes in winter, where you don't have to worry about your skis being damaged by stones. This is also a great advantage for piste preparation, as the layer of snow required can be much smaller, meaning that the piste can be prepared with less snow.

With the help of "programmed" snowmaking, the slopes can be prepared perfectly even with less snow.

Even when building or widening a new section of piste, care is always taken to take all measures to ensure complete and flawless resurfacing: for example, when earthmoving work is carried out, the entire layer of soil is first removed and stored nearby and then reapplied together with a large proportion of manure once the work has been completed.

In the village of San Vigilio, the lifts in particular were built in such a way that the majority of guests can reach the lifts on foot in the shortest possible time without having to use a car. And those who don't have this option can use the free ski bus service.

Since 2009, Seilbahnen St. Vigil in Enneberg AG has applied a certified system for controlling quality management and environmental management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.
In order to improve environmental and quality management, the company has implemented two new systems: ArcGIS Pro is a comprehensive solution for integrated management of all information in the ski area and SnowSat Fleet for all snow groomers guarantees constant monitoring of snow depth and assistance for environmentally friendly driving, and enables snow safety and slope quality to be increased while operating in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.


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